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Birdline Clean Up Utility
Birdline Clean Up Utility, is designed for Samplitude and Sequoia

Current Version V.9.3
for Samplitude Pro X6

Specifications V.9.3

General (includes)
Can be used to remove installed Birdline Skins,
Can find any Birdline Skin installed for :
Samplitude Pro X6 Suite,
Samplitude Pro X6,
Can remove :
Whole Suite,
Part of any Suite (Mixer, Vip),
No need to be installed.

Current Version V.9.3 is Available for: Samplitude Pro X6 and
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418).
Older versions are available for Samplitude Pro X / Pro X2 / Pro X3 / Pro X4 / Pro X5
and Sequoia V12 / V13 / V14 / V15 / V16

The Birdline Clean Up Utility V.9.3 is free
It is included with the latest skins.

For specifications of older versions, please contact birdline

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