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Birdline Mixer Lab
Design your own Mixer Skin
Birdline Mixer Lab is a stand-alone application, developed by Birdline.
Use it to create custom Mixer Skins for Samplitude and Sequoia.

Current Version V.3.1

Specifications V.3.1

Samplitude Pro X3, Samplitude Pro X4, Samplitude Pro X5, Samplitude Pro X6, Samplitude Pro X7
Sequoia 14, Sequoia 15 and Sequoia 16.

Includes 8 main color Themes to choose from:
Black and White, Classic, Dark Blue, Dark, Default, Elegant, Flexi, Light Green.

Optimized for: 1366, 1440, 1680, 1920, 2560, 3840
When maximized, the Mixer will fit horizontally to these values,
with no cut-off at the right end.
Also supports Windows Scaling 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%

Includes a new Color Picker window (totally custom).
It has an easy to use Color Wheel, standard colors collection
and 32 user’s custom colors with custom names.
It supports Normal and Multi-Track (Slim) Mixers.
Set the number of Aux / Plug-in slots from 4 up to 12.
Set the number of Plug-in slots from 4 up to 12.
Choose between 6 sizes for Faders and Peak-Meters: Extra Small, Small, Medium Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
Choose between 5 images for Faders.
Choose between 6 coloring types for Peak-Meters.
Choose between 6 images for: Pan-Pots, Eq-Knobs, Solo-Monitor Knobs.
Choose between 3 coloring types for: Pan-Pots, Eq-Knobs, Solo-Monitor Knobs.
Choose the look of Active buttons: Pressed or Glow-Up.
Change the colors of Aux/Plug-in active slots and Headers.
Adjust the number of visible Aux/Plugins slots.
Change the colors of any text item.
Change the back color of: Aux/Bus, Midi, Selected and Surround tracks.
Change the color of the Selected track's Frame.
Load/Save any Mixer Project or complete Mixer Skin.
Import selected settings of saved Projects/Skins.
Rename/Delete any created Mixer Skin.
Includes a user's manual, to learn how to use it.

Must be installed at least one of:
Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, Samplitude Pro X3.
Samplitude Pro X4 Suite, Samplitude Pro X4.
Samplitude Pro X5 Suite, Samplitude Pro X5.
Samplitude Pro X6 Suite, Samplitude Pro X6.
Samplitude Pro X7 Suite, Samplitude Pro X7.
Sequoia 14, Sequoia 15, Sequoia 16.

For New Users the price is : 50 € (please go to Purchase area).
For Current Users please login to your account at My Account and get a special price.

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