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Birdline Mixer Lab Lite
Create and Modify standard Birdline Mixers
Birdline Mixer Lab Lite is a stand-alone application, developed by Birdline.
Use it to create/modify standard Birdline Mixer Skins for Samplitude Pro X6.

Current Version V.2.4
for Samplitude Pro X6 and
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418)

Specifications V.2.4

Samplitude Pro X6
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418)

Supports 8 main color Themes:
Black and White, Classic, Dark Blue, Dark, Default, Elegant, Flexi, Light Green.

Optimized for: 1366, 1440, 1680, 1920, 2560
When maximized, the Mixer will fit horizontally to these values,
with no cut-off at the right end.
Also supports Windows Scaling 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%

It supports Normal and Multi-Track (Slim) Mixers.
Choose between 5 images for Faders.
Choose between 6 coloring types for Peak-Meters.
Choose between 6 images for: Pan-Pots, Eq-Knobs, Solo-Monitor Knobs.
Choose between 3 coloring types for: Pan-Pots, Eq-Knobs, Solo-Monitor Knobs.
Choose the look of Active buttons: Pressed or Glow-Up.
Change the colors of Aux/Plug-in active slots and Headers.
Adjust the number of visible Aux/Plugins slots.
Change the colors of any text item.
Change the back color of: Aux/Bus, Midi, Selected and Surround tracks.
Change the color of the Selected track's Frame.
Load/Save complete Mixer Skin.
Delete any created Mixer Skin.

Must be installed at least one of:
Samplitude Pro X6 Suite, Samplitude Pro X6.
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418).

The Birdline Mixer Lab Lite V.2.4 is free
It is included with all latest skins V.9.3

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