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skins for Samplitude / Sequoia

Birdline Light Green Suite
Birdline Light Green Suite, is designed for Samplitude and Sequoia

Current Version V.8.4

Specifications V.8.4

General (includes)
4 VIP (Normal, Lite, Short, Slim),
4 Track Editor (Normal, Lite, Short, Slim),
3 Transport (Normal, Slim, Micro),
16 Mixers (with/without EQ),
Toolbar icons, Manager windows, Midi Editor,
4 Object Editor (Small, Big, Small Maxi, Big Maxi),
2 color profiles and new Coloring system
The Mixer Skins are optimized for :
1280X1024, 1366X768, 1680X1050, 1440X900, 1920X1080, 2560X1440
screen display resolutions.
5 Multi Track Mixers (1440X900 +EQ, 1920X1080 +EQ, 2560X1440)

Current Version V.8.4 is Available for: Samplitude Pro X5, Sequoia 16
Older versions are available for Samplitude Pro X / Pro X2 / Pro X3 / Pro X4
and Sequoia V12 / V13 / V14 / V15

Can be customized with the included Skin Editor Utility.
You can see screen shots in the Gallery area.
The price is : 25 Euro.
To buy Birdline Light Green Suite V.8.4, please go to Purchase area.

For specifications of older versions, please contact birdline

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