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Thank you for your interest. To buy Birdline Elegant Suite V.9.3, please click on the Purchase button below.
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The price is : 25 Euro
This price includes also the Birdline Skin Editor V.9.3.
This price includes also the Birdline Mixer Lab Lite V.2.4.
It also includes previous versions of Birdline Elegant Suite
(After a successful payment, ask for a free License Key of any previous version)

After a successful payment, you will receive an email with your License Key.
Use it at the My Account page, to register and download your Skins.
You will download one single EXE or ZIP file, which includes:

Current version of Birdline Elegant Suite,
Current version of Birdline Skin Editor,
Current version of Birdline Mixer Lab Lite,
Current version of Birdline CleanUp Utility.

If you have any questions, please use the contact page.
You can also visit the Customer Care Center at share-it.

Buy Birdline Elegant Suite V.9.3


Important Notice
To use this version V.9.3, you need to have properly installed:
Samplitude Pro X6, or Samplitude Pro X6 Suite.
or Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418).

For Upgrade / Discount options, please go to your Account page.

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