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skins for Samplitude / Sequoia

Birdline Dark Suite
Birdline Dark Suite, is designed for Samplitude and Sequoia

Current Version V.9.3
for Samplitude Pro X6 and
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418)

Specifications V.9.3

General (includes):
4 VIP (Normal, Lite, Short, Slim),
4 Track Editor (Normal, Lite, Short, Slim),
3 Transport (Normal, Slim, Micro),
Toolbar icons, Manager windows, Midi Editor,
4 Object Editor (Small, Big, Small Maxi, Big Maxi),
2 color profiles and new Coloring system

Includes 1 default Mixer Skin,
Use the included Mixer Lab Lite
to create/modify 14 additional optimized Mixer Skins :
1366 +EQ, 1680 +EQ, 1440 +EQ, 1920 +EQ, 2560,
and Multi Track Mixers (1440X900 +EQ, 1920X1080 +EQ, 2560X1440).

Current Version V.9.3 works only with:
Samplitude Pro X6 Suite, Samplitude Pro X6.
Sequoia 16 (build at least: 21418).

Older Versions:
Older versions are available for Samplitude Pro X5
and Sequoia V16
For specifications of older versions, please contact birdline

Can be customized with the included Skin Editor Utility.
You can see screen shots in the Gallery area.
For New Users the price is : 25 €
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